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2.5.0 - Tebby Integration

2.5 is a very long awaited update to FaxStore and is one of the largest updates that has come to FaxStore. Titled 'Tebby Integration' this update's largest addition is Tebex Integration which can be used to process payments on FaxStore, and the customer receiving through FiveM's keymaster.

This update fixes a potential security risk. It's highly recommended to update!

For these change notes we've categorised them to better organise our changelog as there is syuch a large amountof changes. See the bottom of the changelog for extra notes.


  • Tebex integration into FaxStore. See below for further documentation
  • Automated database backups are here. By default they backup to your system and can also backup to our system - #135
  • Invoices have been totally redesigned, you can now have multiple items, memos, and custom ToS per invoice
  • Discord linked roles are now within FaxStore. See the notes section below for a breakdown
  • Transaction IDs, IPs, and other information to payment receipt pages and downloads
  • New user onboarding has arrived, found on the /staff/settings page. This displays to users when their account is first created and can be used as a welcome message
  • Account holders can now change their password if they're on a local account from their user settings - #134
  • Account holders can reset their passwords using the new 'Forgot Password' button - #134
  • Login page redirects can now be inserted with the ?redirect URL parameter
  • Past years statistics can now be viewed in the staff panel
  • User notes are now seperated and displayed in their own modal
  • A billing page found at /staff/billing this page is an overview for database backups and plan users
  • Registered extensions can now be found in the /staff/extensions
  • Statistics can now be viewed to combine all the years by months - #132
  • Custom displays can now be uploaded directly to the store, no more remoting into the server- #82
  • Users with the OWNER permission can now download custom file uploads
  • A new display for store listing pages - slideshow, this makes the top static image a slideshow of all the gallery images
  • WebPanel - a Weblutions internal website for automated error and content checking is live in FaxStore.


  • The gallery on the home page from breaking
  • An issue in the payments.js displaying 'name' - #1925
  • Resolved a filter() function reference error - #1924
  • Fixed an issue on receipt pages and PDF files that would always display 'PayPal' as the checkout method - #1923
  • Fixed an error in the user file that would cause a 403 Forbidden error - #1922
  • An SQL error ER_PARSE_ERROR has been resolved - #1921, #1904, #1886
  • Fixed an issue where users would be redirected to the incorrect page when deleting a package - #1919 & #1952
  • Fixed a fomrat error on Google account reviews, the name was displayed as 'undefined'
  • Double single quotes will no longer display in email content
  • Resolved a length error on store item pages - #1966
  • Fixed an issue where reviews could be created without selecting a product - #1982
  • Fixed an issue where the current display setting wouldn't be displayed in the form when changing
  • Fixed an issue where accounts could be created from the login page and not directed to the register page
  • Corrected an issue where reviews couldn't be created from the 'default' review display


This update fixes a potential security risk for sites. This risk would come from the login page and allow one to inject JavaScript/DOM content to obtain a users information. For a full breakdown of this risk see the following document - https://weblutions.com/u/7sqAeV.pdf

  • This update resolves the mentioned security risks


  • If only one login method is enabled it will skip to that services login page rather than the stores login page
  • Edited store item URLs now redirect to the updated URL rather than the old one - #1911
  • The way emails send, they now bulk send if there's more than one recipiant to reduce rate limiting
  • If there is only one store listing option, that option is set as the only button, not in a dropdown
  • Store listing options dropdown buttons have changed color to the green of the 'Add to Cart' button


  • Old statistic view routes
  • /info has been removed as a route


  • We're further looking into an error ER_TRUNCATED_WRONG_VALUE_FOR_FIELD in the user table. We were unable to trace this directly - #1905 & #1882


See the related articles below to see the new features.

Tebex Integration: https://docs.weblutions.com/c/faxstore/feat-tebex

Database Backups: https://docs.weblutions.com/c/faxstore/feat-backups

Linked Roles: https://docs.weblutions.com/c/faxstore/feat-linked-roles

See how Tebex works: FaxStore - Integrating Tebex

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