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2.6.1 - Username Checks & Dev Mode

This patch-like update brings some fixes for reported bugs and also a couple of useful features to the table.

  • Added username checks for Cfx accounts on checkout, example here
  • Added developer mode for payments and checkouts - #136
  • Added 2024 statistics button to be ready for the start of next year
  • Updated Discord JS to v14
  • Updated the method used to obtain PayPal transaction IDs - #2180
  • Updated the install bash script for fresh installs to have better output
  • Updated package.json
  • Fixed an issue where standard logins were not working, we've re-written how accounts get created - #2184
  • Fixed an issue where storeItem was not defined on various pages - #2182
  • Fixed an issue where paymentId was not defined on free checkout returns
  • Fixed a string length issue for PayPal checkouts - #2180

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