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2.0.4 - Tracked Fixes

This update features fixes which have been logged to the bug tracker.

- Added return links on bug tracker issue creations.

- Added functions to not remove subscription perks when cancelled until the invoice is overdue - #126.

- Added a check for if a port is in use already.

- Fixed an issue which broke first time setups - #118, #77.

- Fixed an issue where the split() function would break - #117.

- Fixed an issue where insertId would not be defined - #76.

- Fixed an issue where id would not be defined - #50.

- Fixed an issue where productId would not be defined - #49.

- Fixed a bug where the releases page would redirect to an invalid page - #131.

- Fixed issue where gift cards were incorrectly displayed when adding an item to a user.

- Fixed an issue where email settings for users would break - #206.

- Changed the display of reviews to be in descending order.

Investigated an EIO error, more on that here - https://bugs.faxes.zone/projects/faxstore/issues/?id=63

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