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2.3.12 - Standard Logins (SL)

As we prepare for a new seem less system to allow you to create a store without needing a server or web experience we've been hard at work making FaxStore perform for this transition. This update brings a new mandatory login method — Standard Logins (SL), SLs are a new way to be able to login to your store with just a username (email) and password. Allowing for accounts to be created without needing a third party for social logins.

Please note it is recommended to update ToS and privacy policy pages to reflect the storage of sensitive information, new data includes; passwords.

- Added Standard Logins (SL)

- Added Discord bot tokens entry to the setup page

- Added preloading functions to CSS to enhance page load times

- Fixed a typo on update emails - #1778 & #1770

- Fixed some login bugs that made all new accounts disabled

- Fixed an issue where reviews couldn't be created. This was due to an SQL error - #1782 & #1790

- Fixed a bug where deleting a store item would try and redirect you back to the store item that no longr exists

- Updated emailing system as SLs require emails to function. If there is no email configured for your store it will use the Weblutions email (store@weblutions.com) until one is set. This system goes into effect if no SendGrid token is being used

- Updated the system to work without a Discord guild Id being set along with a Discord bot token

- Updated the accoutn creation flow to set getEmails to true so all new users get emails

- Updated login page to display new content and show login error messages

- Updated the base CSS file to a minified state to allow for better performance and page loads

- Removed guildId from the config file as it is now set in the settings page

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