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2.3.0 - Time to Square up!

First off, checkout the new FaxStore blog post.

This update brings a payment method to FaxStore which was highly requested - Square! Along with Square, so many additional Displays have dropped to further customize your store-front pages. Enhancements and new features is what this update is all about!

Ensure to DELETE the src folder and upload the new one when updating.

  • Added Square as a new checkout method.
  • Added new store related events (storeListingCreate, storeListingEdit, storeListingPause, and storeListingDelete).
  • Added form descriptions - #87.
  • Added many new displays for the following pages; user settings, team, partners, form, gallery, header, and footer - #81.
  • Added ability to view submissions of a form that was deleted.
  • Added invoice IDs shown on checkout pages.
  • Added new form value saving to the invoice creation form. This is in testing and planned to be expanded to all forms.
  • Added support for .SHARF files in extensions.
  • Added fallback function for invoices created for non-existing users.
  • Added the product ID to the review object, this reflected in events as well - #70.
  • Added ability to edit forms - #84
  • Added further backend data reporting so bugs can be fixed faster and usage tracked better between stores.
  • Added notificationCreated event that is emitted when a notification is created for a user - #72.
  • Fixed an issue where closed forms displayed the reply box still.
  • Fixed an issue where review replies couldn't be made.
  • Fixed StrongerTogether ban checking to fit their new API.
  • Fixed the display of reply boxes on form settings.
  • Fixed .apply being undefined - #1707.
  • Fixed a bug within emails that would show incorrect links and data in confirmation emails - #1692.
  • Fixed store categories showing 'Na' when no description is set - #1538.
  • Updated the default CSS file to reduce load times on pages that featured galleries or slideshows.
  • Updated the whole payment backend making it more efficient.
  • Updated forms table in staff panel to display better.
  • Updated all backend content to fit new weblutions.com domain.
  • Updated the icons on the checkout pages to adjust to Square being added.
  • Removed a large amount of unused icons from the icons.svg file.

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