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2.4.1 - Mobile View

This is a follow-up update to 2.4.0 which corrects identified issues along with the addition of a completely reworked mobile navigation bar.

  • Added reworked and new mobile navigation bar. This delivers a brand new way to navigate FaxStore on mobile - #1740
  • Added form validation to store listing forms
  • Added a new design for the create store item page
  • Fixed a replaceAll() function from breaking on certain occasions - #1851
  • Fixed TikTok socials from not displaying on the footer - #1850
  • Fixed an issue where saving store items would not function - #1848
  • Updated the default install to also include Discord as a login method to allow easier installs - #1849
  • Updated store item forms to no longer require gallery images - #97
  • Updated payment receipts to have some more details, like options and descriptions

Special shout out to WildFyr who has received the Feedback God achievement.

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