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2.4.0 - Packages & Quotes

FaxStore 2.4 brings some near game changes to your store, most notably packages. Obviously a few other changes are here and here is all the details. Also for those Standard Login haters, you can now disable Standard Logins 👏.

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  • Added 'Packages' these allow store owners to create downloadable items without creating a new store item. Packages can be linked to store item options
  • Added 'Options' to store items, currently in a public beta they can be found when editing an item
  • Added a new quote system to give quotes to users and have them accepted - #80
  • Added the ability to change the due date on invoices
  • Added new icons to the icons.svg file (replaceright, cat, broom, spraycan, server, magicwand, search, local, tiktok)
  • Added events for packages and quotes. See below for details
  • Added the following new displays; search, cart, view invoice, login, register, store categories, and view store item
  • Added a hyperlink to go to the users account page when viewing an invoice
  • Added site tags to be passed to store category pages
  • Added local or Standard Logged in users to insight graphs
  • Added ability to disable Standard Logins
  • Fixed an issue where subscriptions wouldn't display as cancelled on staff pages - #1821
  • Fixed an issue where 100% off discounts would cause infinite page loads - #1818
  • Updated the edit store item page to a new display. This is being trialled before being placed on the creation page
  • Updated the staff themes page to fit the display buttons more comfortably
  • Updated login redirects to be more functional
  • Updated SEO compatibility
  • Updated FaxStores Content Security Policy (CSP)
  • Updated initial SQL creation to set local as the default login type.

Developer Changes

- MANAGE_QUOTES has been added as a new site permission

- tags now get passed as an array to store category pages

- Added the following quote events; quoteCreated, quoteEdited, quoteAccepted

- Added the following package events; packageCreated, packageEdited, packageDeleted

- Added new exentsion documentation - https://docs.weblutions.com/c/faxstore/extensions

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