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2.2.0 - Forms & New Permissions

This update brings some breaking changes as defined on this post regarding the permissions of FaxStore. But, It also brings a new highly requested feature - forms. Forms can be created as forms or even as a ticket type system, it's all up to you!

Attention License System Users

As this update changes the permissions of FaxStore the license system is required to be updated to 1.7 to ensure you are able to have permissions on your license system.

With the previous permission system being deleted any site staff (except config owners) will lose access, access will need to be re-granted.

- Added forms system which allows you to create, submit, and delete custom forms. See the forms docs for syntax on form creation - #48.

- Added new permission system, documented here which allows for a much more advanced permission system.

- Added an event to natively check for user permissions, this is documented here - #35.

- Added events for forms, see the events docs for more.

- Added a check for orders less than Stripes 50c minimum - #898.

- Added functionality to remove Discord perks from users when a subscription is overdue.

- Added a license system property to advanced settings which adds a license link to user profiles.

- Fixed a SQL syntax error when files with quotes would uploaded - #910.

- Fixed bug where users would be redirected to the incorrect page when deleting a promotion code.

- Changed some backend functions for security purposes.

- Changed how site displays are checked, any site displays uploaded to the folders can be checked.

- Changed file structures for multiple requests to organise content.

- Changed login redirects to have the user navigated to the correct pages.

- Removed some display elements from the search page.

- Removed users.itemsCount table column.

- Removed users.credits table column.

- Removed users.lang table column.

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