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2.4.5 - Account 2FA

The 2.4.5 update brings, as usual a bunch of new additions along with corrections to existing functionality.

  • Added 2FA for standard login accounts
  • Added audit logs for custom uploads - #1863
  • Added a catch function to bypass any invalid extensions
  • Added a 'RESEND' button for unverified accounts to have the verification email resent
  • Added Chart.js locally to render new insight graphs
  • Added an invoicePaid event to detect when an invoice is paid - #113
  • Added an edit button on the staff panel for static pages - #112
  • Fixed the custom upload form breaking - #1856
  • Fixed the image not displaying in the mobile navbar when logged out
  • Fixed an issue where the amount wouldn't subtract off of giftcards - #1857
  • Fixed an issue where the creating and editing store items page would break - #1859
  • Fixed settingResults not being defined in the events.sharf file
  • Fixed an issue with new standard login accounts not having a username
  • Fixed an syntax error in the installme.sql file
  • Fixed cookieBanner being undifined in some instances - #1865
  • Fixed tables not having styling globally - #1864
  • Fixed customer statistics breaking for some users
  • Updated the fucntion when updating the header to remove invalid characters
  • Removed canvas as a dependancy
  • Removed chart.js as a dependancy
  • Removed chartjs-node-canvas as a dependancy

Developer Notes

No event or function changes.

Added invoicePaid Example;

faxstore.on('invoicePaid', function(invoiceID, paymentType, receiptID, invoicedItems) {
  console.log(invoiceID) // Eg; 59
  console.log(paymentType) // Eg; "Via PayPal"
  console.log(receiptID) // Eg; 35
  console.table(invoicedItems) // Object of invoiced items along with prices

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