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1.8.3 - Minor Update

This update brings one new footer related feature and some fixes and code clean up.


  • Added custom footer text that can be edited via the Advanced Settings page
  • Fixed a fatal error that occurred when the user command was used without mentioning a user. It now defaults to the message author
  • Fixed a fatal error that was caused from a general page link having a ' symbol in them
  • Fixed an error that would be fatal when the promotion code didn't apply to the users session
  • Changed and cleaned up code in various locations to improve speed and execution
  • --

    This is only a smaller update but we're working on fixing all the (hidden) bugs in FaxStore currently before new features and 1.9 is created. FaxStore hasn't had a set of clean up versions since it's first release, so this is much needed.

Be sure to report any bugs you do find.

Also, big shout out to Pluto for help with this update.


This update fixed the issue were FaxStore customers couldn't start their application due to a licensing error.

This is now fixed.

All you have to do is replace the following files;

index.js, backend.js, updatemanager.js, /views

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