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2.0 - Displays & Themes

The long awaited 2.0 update is one of the largest updates to ever be released for FaxStore and is being classed as a major release!

This update brings the long awaited native theme support along with a new 'controller' and 'displays' among so many more features.

This update brings a new file structure to many files. Please be careful when updating your files. If you need help open a /ticket with our product support team.

This release requires npm install to be ran before starting after file updates.

You WILL RECIEVE an option to launch the start up on first start. IF YOU ARE UPDATING SAY NO TO THE PROMPT!

  • Added the long awaited themes. See the GitHub page for published themes - https://github.com/FAXES/faxstore-themes.
  • Added a setup page for first time starts. This is in beta still while feedback is submitted.
  • Added permanent login sessions to save users constantly logging in an out after FaxStore restarts.
  • Added invoices and orders to the purchases stats on the home page.
  • Added a new system to check for subscriptions. This will ensure they never get skipped.
  • Added optional cookie notice for pages. This was aimed for EU customers where a cookie disclaimer is required.
  • Added a module check for start up which will help with debugging.
  • Added store stats to the staff home page.
  • Added ability to cancel invoices.
  • Added ability to edit invoices. This also notifies the user their invoice was edited.
  • Added an expand button to releases to make the page more user friendly.
  • Added some storing of customer information on receipts.
  • Added a scrollbar for user email table.
  • Added HTML rendering in email views.
  • Added audit log creations for invoice creations.
  • Added display system.
  • Added release page displays.
  • Added store page displays.
  • Added review page displays.
  • Added home page displays.
  • Added controller which contains a console replication and some backend functions.
  • Added URI parameters to users page.
  • Added a search bar to store items page.
  • Added 'Linked Items' which when used will also add the linked items to the users account.
  • Added 'Show in downloads' option to products to toggle the display of the item in the users downloads.
  • Added a check for a bot token so it's optional throughout the system.
  • Added descriptions and search toggle to store categories.
  • Added owner notifications to over due invoices.
  • Added timed promo codes which support 1d form or Unix for for expiries.
  • Added an update checker banner to the staff panel.
  • Added username hyperlinks to the invoice tables in the staff panel.
  • Added username hyperlinks to the subscriptions tables in the staff panel.
  • Added ability to edit team members.
  • Added UI masks for the new displays.
  • Added bug tracker API reporting.
  • Added the removal of Discord roles when a subscription is cancelled.
  • Fixed the display of header dropdowns.
  • Fixed duplicate header rows for dropdown items in the staff panel.
  • Fixed an issue where -3 was displayed on home page stats.
  • Fixed a boot error which commonly occurred.
  • Fixed multiple errors which related to the replace() function.
  • Fixed issue with unsubscribe button in emails.
  • Fixed insight graphs.
  • Fixed an SQL error relating to user creations.
  • Fixed issue where files and/or images couldn't upload.
  • Fixed some display issues when creating an invoice.
  • Fixed a security issue where DOM JS could be placed into markdown areas.
  • Fixed a bug where receipts and PDFs would only capture the last item in a cart.
  • Fixed role permissions breaking on discount codes.
  • Fixed issue where users logging in from non Discord services could get staff perms.
  • Fixed bug where paused store items still has an 'Add to cart' button on search pages.
  • Fixed issue where invoices wouldn't update to 'Over Due' status.
  • Fixed a bug where edited subscription time frames didn't update the product.
  • Fixed a display issue that was on the invoice tables in the staff panel.
  • Fixed Twitter logins because they were reported to be broken.
  • Fixed an issue where deleted items that were in peoples carts would break the cart page.
  • Fixed an issue where Discord roles wouldn't be applied to subscription users.
  • Fixed order items not having a price tag on the store page.
  • Fixed custom pages returning a 404 response - #10
  • Updated the invoice view page fully with a complete redesign.
  • Updated the payment view page fully with a complete redesign.
  • Updated owners config item to an array.
  • Updated built in /user command to be ephemeral.
  • Updated the display for payment amounts on owned items.
  • Updated the PayPal API to v2. This will fix any PayPal issues with multiple cart items being present.
  • Updated the default config to disable emails.
  • Updated the FaxStore text to a smaller text set on start up.
  • Updated the display of memos on PayPal transactions.
  • Updated 'FaxStore 2' to 'FaxStore' in multiple areas.
  • Updated the display of stats on the home and staff home pages (includes commas).
  • Removed itemCount usage from SQL.
  • Removed custom uploads from displaying on owned items page.
  • Removed '(server time)' from being in receipts.
  • Removed extraFiles config option as per previous change-log.

This is a very large update. We encourage all to seek help via the #faxstore-support channel where possible. Create a /ticket if you need one on one help.

Not in the Discord and need help? Contact us store@faxes.zone.

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