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1.7.0 - General Pages

This update brings some fixes to multiple things along with a new system 'General Pages' which allows you to build custom pages under custom links. This gives you even more options when creating a new about me or other static page.


This update has SQL changes. BUT, SQL updates are automatic and no longer require you to update the SQL database yourself.

File Changes:

When updating to this version be sure to update the following files;

index.js, /views, backend.js, updatemanager.js, /public/assets/main.CSS, /public/assets/main.JS, /public/assets/icons.SVG, /public/themes.


  • Added general pages system. Found under the admin panel
  • Added ability for admins to delete pages - https://faxes.zone/i/hK1Ez.png
  • Added CSS to allow nice formatting of images in blog posts and some other pages
  • Added the option to change the site logo and background through the admin site
  • Added the new option to display prices. See store settings page - https://faxes.zone/i/rJU1U.png
  • Added border rounding to the alert bar
  • Added closing of alert bar. It can be closed by clicking it
  • Added 'edited' text to blog posts if they're updated instead of updating the username
  • Added user notes. They can be seen by staff only and found at the bottom of the users profile page
  • Fixed maintenance mode being broken. This should now be finally fixed
  • Changed some backend links around to help prepare for future development and easy backend operations
  • --

    We also conducted some research methods into the themes update to come at version 2.0. The next few updates will feature some changes to help prepare for that update.

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