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2.7.0 - Staff Panel Redesign

This major update solves the most recommended feedback we've ever got! The staff panel has been completely remade from the ground up and is properly mobile friendly.

However, we've also added some other goodies into this update for everyone to enjoy. See below for images of the new staff panel

Special thanks to our beta testers:

Hamz Development, SADRP, Jack V. | Aspire Development, Jaimie T, Darius77, Rowan, Project Phil, Rhys19, Swiss, Ten Creator, Timmy Cas, Vxieot, War Daddy

They've been beta testing this update through multiple revisions for a couple of weeks now.


  • Remade the whole staff panel from the ground up to make it more user friendly and perform better on scale. See the below images to see the new look - #1959
  • Added SMTP email support
  • Added modals for all deletions on the new staff panel
  • Added new events; userItemAdded, userCustomItemAdded, and userItemRemoved - events docs
  • Required items now have support for nearly all item types
  • Added Apple meta tags to the new staff panel
  • Added ability to favourite pages on the staff panel
  • Added reports that can be generated on the staff panel
  • Invoice payments now count towards the sales/order value in insights


  • Fixed an issue where gift cards wouldn't work with cent values - #2212, #2209
  • Fixed an issue with MySQL not accepting characters in review creations - #108
  • Fixed an issue where automatic Discord joins wasn't working


Changes to SendGrid Availability

In FaxStore 2.7.0 (this release) the public support for SendGrid will be discontinued. Currently if you don't set up SendGrid yourself, FaxStore uses our own credentials to get emails working for your store, with emails that come from support@weblutions.com.

In the next release we'll be removing this functionality to force your own SendGrid account to be used. This is due to such a high amount of spam and unregulated emails going through our account at the moment.

We've brought in a new way to configure emails. In addition to being able to setup SendGrid yourself, you'll soon be able to use a custom SMTP server to send mail through, this means you could use your own email server, or use a public/free service for this.

To be clear, you can still use SendGrid, we're not removing it anytime soon, you just have to use your own tokens now, not ours.

See how integrations work now.

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