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2.6.0 - Spring Cleaning

This version of FaxStore brings a much needed set of features, bug squashes, and even removals. Some major additions including merging accounts, and being able to set a sales tax percentage. Check the full changelog for the full scoop!

FaxStore now requires node version 20.5.1. This update requires manual installation for this node version, see this guide on doing so.

  • Added ability to merge accounts
  • Added percentages as an option for sales tax - #140
  • Added ability to set a custom price for packages - #122
  • Added editing existing subscriptions
  • Added a stock manager, stock levels and SKUs can be set
  • Added editing invoices back
  • Added release dates on pre-order items (finally) - #114
  • Added ability for all users to be able to change their profile pictures - #137
  • Added new modal design
  • Added automatic updating for role linking with Discord, this now updates at every login
  • Added new node version - 20.5.1
  • Added the usage of native fetch rather than Axios in the backend of the store
  • Added the receipt page layout (formally displays)
  • Added a hyperlink for the giftcard table in store settings.

  • Changed some of the Tebex integration backend functions
  • Changed the free checkout flow to use the updated payment functions
  • Changed URL from /backend/additemtouser/:uId to /backend/account/item/add/:uId
  • Changed URL from /backend/removeitemfromuser/:rId/:uId to /backend/account/item/remove/:uId/:rId
  • Changed URL from /backend/addgiftcardtouser/:uId to /backend/account/giftcard/create/:rId
  • Changed the font size on user notes along with the sorting of the list
  • Changed naming convention for Displays, they're now referred to as 'Layouts'
  • Changed the default database slideshow images for the home page
  • Fixed an issue with Tebex not working for some purchases - #2139 & #2020

  • Fixed a buffer error with automatic database backups
  • Fixed an issue with emails having 'undefined' in the body - #2030
  • Fixed ongoing SendGrid errors, made one universal function to handle emails - #2027
  • Fixed an error causing the browser to stop responding due to set headers - #2008
  • Fixed an issue when changing item types on a listing - #1938
  • Fixed an issue with subscriptions not working with Tebex
  • Fixed the 'Other Staff' category on the staff home page showing incorrect figures
  • Fixed a Stripe integer error on checkout generations
  • Fixed a number of Axios errors (Axios removed) - #2114& #2151
  • Fixed an error in dependency package fax-downloader - #2113
  • Fixed an toUpperCase() function error - #2101
  • Fixed a number of forEach function errors - #2094, #2058 & #2083
  • Fixed an issue where paused items could be added for 'Digital Free' items - #2066, #2116
  • Fixed an inMaintenance variable error - #2055
  • Fixed ongoing price conversion issues, for example an invoice for $15.00 would bug out and fail - #2051
  • Fixed an issue with the auto update screen freezing, this may take a version to go into effect - #2039
  • Fixed a display issue for featured products - #2130
  • Fixed the releaseEdit to provide the new release details where it's meant to - #2138
  • Fixed an issue with searchQuery.startsWith() - #2142
  • Fixed Square not working correctly
  • Fixed an error with various replace functions

  • Removed the remainder of STTs integration
  • Removed auto updated emails and avatars on login (for existing users)
  • Removed older updater manager queries
  • Removed the staff notes database column from the user table

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