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1.9.0 - More Listing Types

Update 1.9 is one of the biggest FaxStore updates to ever release, with the addition of 3 new listing types along with full notification system, this update has something for you in it!

Please see the below link on how to update to 1.9 as there is many file location changes in this update.


If you experience issues with updating let us know in #faxstore-support

- Added new listing type; 'Order'. This listing type allows for physical items to be purchased on FaxStore, with a required address field and ability to add tracking links. Orders might just be perfect for merch. This also adds statues to orders to mark shipped, processing etc

- Added new listing type; 'Subscription'. This listing type allows for periodic payments to be scheduled to be paid. Invoices are automatically generated to be paid by users

- Added invoices, these are currently only utilised to auto generate. However, custom invoicing is coming

- Added new listing type; 'Pre-Order'. This listing type allows for pre-orders where users can't download the product until the listing type is changed to 'Digital Paid'

- Added new listing type; 'Digital Approved' which only permits users with the specified Discord role to obtain the listed item

- Added receipt system which generates a downloadable receipt of any purchase or invoice paid

- Added item statistics. This can be viewed by Administrators via the item listing page

- Added containers and block quotes

- Added Node Events. Documentation will be available here

- Added cents to store items

- Added store categories

- Added header dropdown options to the navbar

- Added new notification system which will send users various notifications for things like new item releases, invoices, payments, review responses

- Added a red box that displays when the ToS box isn't checked on checkout

- Added TikTok as a social link for the footer

- Added advanced user searches that utilise user emails and IPs

- Added blur style to admin area dropdowns to make the buttons more readable

- Added blur style to navbar dropdowns to make the buttons more readable

- Added faxstore (events variable) and bot (Discord bot variable) to extension files

- Added new permission type 'Order Manager' which is able to update orders

- Added option to edit partner positions

- Added new sections on the admin panel for orders and subscriptions

- Added Google Analytics which can be changed in advanced settings

- Added various new documentation pages

- Fixed a bug where store tags would still display if store search was toggled off

- Fixed a issue where SSS was displayed on the audit logs page

- Fixed a staff header button alignment issue on the user emails page

- Fixed an issue where markdown wouldn't display on the home page if slideshows were disabled

- Fixed a fatal crash that occurs when a role is undefined

- Fixed a fatal 'Unknown Message' crash

- Fixed an issue where creating static pages would redirect to the wrong page

- Fixed a number of potential fatal crashes

- Fixed a Stripe checkout crash when prices were not fixed to 2 decimal places

- Updated 'Paid' item type to 'Digital Paid'

- Updated 'Free' item type to 'Digital Free'

- Updated general user permissions to a different database number

- Updated the create and edit listing pages with a complete redesign

- Updated user profile page to include buttons for downloads, orders, subscriptions, and payments

- Updated the manager buttons on store listing pages

- Updated 'General Pages' to 'Static Pages'

- Updated carts. Cart items are now stored in the database instead of the users session

- Updated the 'Blog Editor' permission to 'Editor'

- Updated admin panel insight graphs to make them more secure

- Updated scroll track thumbs to be transparent

- Updated display of permissions on staff panel

- Updated header buttons to be stored differently in SQL

- Updated search page. It now displays blogs and user profiles

- Updated how search results display. Items should now display in their positional order

- Updated price display on listing pages

- Updated header button styles

- Updated the STT built in API to work with their new versions

- Updated some page titles

- Updated web embeds for item listing pages. The feature image and description now get passed

- Updated the navbar display to have rounded corners (4px radius)

- Updated a number of time displays to be relative to the users location time, not server time

- Removed an old unban link that hasn't been used since 1.8.2

- Removed the 'delete reviews' buttons on the reviews page. They're now only accessible in the review page itself

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