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2.1.0 - Tax & Secondary Payments

This update brings many fixes front and backend and is the first major update since we started using our bug tracker and it has been working wonders to correct bugs automatically and even get the feedback from you. So many have participated there already it's great.

With secondary payments and sales tax being introduced in this update among other features and new events there lots to look forward to for FaxStore!

Secondary payments. See docs and give feedback.

Sales tax allows a fixed rate to be taxed on purchased - #4.

Added a referral system which tracks site clicks and actions (purchases from referral) - #30.

Added more events which are now documented - #3, #42.

Added ability to delete gift cards from users profiles.

Added a safe-guard for PayPal checkout redirect links - #219.

Added new 'Promotions' page which now contains promotional codes and the new referral system.

Added promotional codes to be displayed on payment receipts.

Fixed an issue which was located on the /403 page - #675, #693.

Fixed an issue which conflicted version numbers - #211.

Fixed a few audit logs that has incorrect grammar or incorrect titles.

Fixed the display of the 'Create review' button on the bars display page - #664.

Fixed a display issue where cancelled subscriptions would not list as cancelled - #540.

Fixed an issue with GitHub account creation - #711.

Changed some file structures again to better fit the customisations coming to FaxStore.

Changed the style properties of the footer icons as requested - #672.

When updating be sure to do npm i as always.

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