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Developer Mode

FaxStore now comes with a build in developer mode to make ease of testing transactions and functions created. This can be enabled in the config file.

The main changes developer mode makes are:

  • Payments will use sandbox APIs with PayPal, Stripe, and Square. Test tokens need to be used
  • Disable error report file generation and directly log it to the console

Note; some errors may still create an error report file in developer mode.

This allows developers to create extensions, themes, and perform test payments easily without having to hard code or edit the index file to use the sandbox accounts.

How to enable

Enabling developer mode is simple. Add the developerMode variable to the config file under the siteInformation category. Example below;

    "siteInformation": {
        "processPort": 3000,
        "domain": "http://localhost:3000",
        "ownerId": [],
        "developerMode": true

Ensure FaxStore is restarted after making the config change for developer mode to enable fully.

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