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Step Three - Configuration

Now that you have completed step one and two it's time to start configuring our site in the configuration file.

As FaxStore has multiple login options and store a lot of tokens, all of these tokens are in the config file to make them as secure as possible.

This section covers a variable documentation table on every single item inside the config file along with what it is and does as well as how to configure it.

Once you have configured FaxStore to have all of the required configuration options then you can proceed.

[R] symbols a required item.

processPortsiteInformationThe Port for NGINX to use. Rstring
stripeSecretKeypaymentThe Stripe Secret Key. Guide herestring
paypalClientIdpaymentThe PayPal Client ID. Guide herestring
paypalClientSecretpaymentThe Paypal Client Secret. Guide herestring
discordBotTokentokensThe Discord Bot Token. Guide herestring
oAuth2ClientIdtokensThe Discord Client ID. Guide herestring
oAuth2ClientTokentokensThe Discord Client Secret. Guide herestring
googleClientIdtokensThe Google Client ID. Guide herestring
googleClientSecrettokensThe Google Client Secret. Guide herestring
githubClientIdtokensThe GitHub Client ID. Guide herestring
githubClientSecrettokensThe GitHub Client Secret. Guide herestring
twitterAPIKeytokensThe Twitter API Key. Guide herestring
twitterSecretKeytokensThe Twitter Client Secret. Guide herestring
hostSQLInformationThe MYSQL Host. Generally localhost R Rtrue or false
fromEmailemailsThe sender email address. Guide herestring
sendGridTokenemailsThe SendGrid Token. Guide herestring
emailHeaderemailsThe Header for the email. Supports HTML. Guide herestring
emailFooteremailsThe Footer for the email. Supports HTML . Guide herestring
useDiscordChannelLogsdiscordConfigToggles the discord loggingtrue or false
botStatusdiscordConfigSets the bot status (idle, dnd, online, invisible)string
loggingChannelIddiscordConfigThe channel for logs to be sent to. Right click channel and click "copy ID"string
guildIddiscordConfigThe ID of your server. Right click your server and click "copy ID"string
autoJoinUsersdiscordConfigMakes users join the server on logintrue or false
useDiscordCommandsdiscordConfigUses the discord slash commands (requires application commands intent)true or false
commandPrefixdiscordConfigSets the prefix for the command (Only used when Discord Commands are set to false)string
useEmbedsdiscordConfigToggles Embedstrue or false
nameredirectsSets the redirect name eg. discordstring
linkredirectsThe URL for the redirect eg. faxes.zone/dURL`

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