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What are quotes?

Quotes are a way to suggest a price to a user and to have a copy of them aggreeing to the price you have suggested.

How to use quotes as a staff member

To create a quote go to the staff panel on FaxStore then navigate to the invoices tab, once you are hovering this tab click the quote button.
Now that you are on the quote screen on the left hand side you will see 3 input fields to create a quote.
The title field is what you want the quote title to be this will be the first thing the user sees.
The price field is where you suggest the price.
The description field is where you can describe what the quote is for and why you have suggested that price (This field is optional.).
After filling in these fields click the "Create Quote" button and once you click the button you will be redirected to the URL the quote was assigned to copy this and send it to the client!

On the left hand side of your staff quote screen you will see a table that displays all the quotes that are in your store you can view these at anytime.

How to use quotes as a user

To use quotes as a user is quite simple, all you need to do is go to the URL a staff member has provided you and agree with the quote clicking the "Agree to quote" button positioned in the top right of the screen.


My store doesn't have quotes

If your store doesn't have quotes this means you are not of version 2.4.0 of FaxStore. To update go here click check for updates then update FaxStore and boom! Just like that you are on the latest verision of FaxStore.

You must be on version 2.4.0 or above for this feature to be available.

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