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Simplified Install

Welcome to the new simplified FaxStore install. Installing FaxStore is now as easy as running one command to install it all!

All software requirments and packages install easily now.

This file MUST be run using the root user account.

  1. Create an A record to direct your domain DNS to your machines IP.
  2. Install FaxStore files to /home/faxstore.
  3. Run the below command to start the installation.

bash /home/faxstore/install.sh

Now FaxStore will install; nginx, mysql-server, certbot, python3-certbot-nginx, Node.Js, and NPM.

FaxStore will also launch a screen session for you and give you the prompt to start.

4. FaxStore will start and prompt you through a brand new setup process.

This is a beta feature, so give us feedback on your experience with this simplified install.

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