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Discord Integration

FaxStore comes with a great amount of Discord integrations to ensure you're getting the best experience if your business is also on the Discord platform.

Some integrations FaxStore has with Discord include:


FaxStore comes shipped with a Discord bot built in that can be used by merchants. This allows all our integrations to work to the best capacity they can.


Logging to a Discord channel is made possible in FaxStore to get all your audit logs sent to a defined channel in your Discord server.

This is what the logs look like:

Discord logs

User Auto Join

FaxStore also enables merchants to have any new users on their store automatically be added into their Discord server to help grow their following as they desire!

Customer Roles

Discord roles enable merchants to get their members organised.

  • Global Customer Role(s); this is where anyone that makes a purchase receives the given role(s).
  • Product Given Role(s); these are used to be given on a specific items purchase.

Both these role settings support multiple roles. All you have to do is separate the role IDs like:


Additionally, if a user joins the Discord after they made a purchase the FaxStore bot will check for any owned items and associate the roles accordingly.


FaxStore also enables merchants to use or even create (with extensions) commands to make their website more accessible. By default if they're enabled in the config file, two commands are included.


user command


search command

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