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Store Page

What is the store page?

The store page is where all of your products are kept for potential customers to view and browse. This is a great way to showcase the range of services you provide!

Store page customisation

There are a few different ways you can customise your store page. The first way is to set a different display for your store page. To find this navigate to yourdomain.com/staff/themes and select the "Store Page Display" button and in the dropdown you have got 2 options.

  • Option 1 Default: the default display will be set when your store is change it will look like this:
  • Default Display

  • Option 2 Large: This display makes the page display more store items on the page at one time. This can be useful when you have alot of images. See below for what this will look like:
    Large Display

Store Item Creation

A store page is all well and good but if you have no items there is no point in having one! Let's create a new store item.

Item Creation

To create a new store item navigate to yourdomain.com/staff/itemcreate when you load this page you will see some text fields show up the ones outlined in red are required fields you will not be able to submit the store item unless these are filled out.

On the left hand side of your screen you will see a box that has some buttons in it these corrospond to the different settings for store items below is a table explaining what each of these settings do.
Button NameDescription
InformationThese fields provide information to the user (Most of these are required)
Linked MediaThis category is related to preview images and demo links these are optional. You also set you main feature image here.
OptionsOptions add different ways a user can customise a product they are purchasing (There are more details on this page.)
License SystemThis category will only showup if the license system is installed. If installed "Enabled" is selected as default.
Item TypeThis category allows you define what type of item you are selling. This also includes the price and the discord role given (Discord role is optional).
Advanced SettingsThis category contains extra settings that may be desired.

Once your item has been created click the "Create Listing" button and your item has been created successfully! You will be redirected to the item page.

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