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2.5 Extension Changes

Version 2.5 of FaxStore introduces a new way to register extensions within FaxStore. This is aimed at improving user experience and making extensions easier than ever!

What are the benefits?

Registering an extension not only makes the merchants life easier, it also enhances the devlopers experience when creating the stores extension.

Registration Features

Here's some things you'll be able to do in the admin panel when an extension is registered.

  • Display extension & its details.
  • Edit associated extension configuration file (back logged)
  • Reload extensions (back logged)
  • More in the future

Changes to Registering Extensions

Here is a new example of how to register an extension.

        name: 'File Uploader',
        config: extConfig,
        version: '1.1',
        author: 'FAXES',
        description: "A cool swag file uploader",
        icon: 'https://weblutions.com/i/ttGgkF.png',
        pages: [extConfig.StaffPath]
    }, __filename);

  • We've added an icon and description option to the extension
  • Also, the second argument of filename is required. This should be left as filename

This is just the start to being able to do nearly anything with an extension with natively built-in features to enhance extensions to the absolute best in the market.

If there's anything you'd like to see in extensions be sure to let us know. We're here for everyone, just shoot us an email support@weblutions.com

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