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Config File

This page covers all the configuration file variables and options found in FaxStore's config.json file. The below table contains a section, key, and value. See the example right below for how these are referenced in the confign file.

    "section": {
        "key": "value",
        "key": "value"

Items marked with an 'red text' are required in the config file.

SectionKeyDefault ValueDescription
siteInformationprocessPort3000The port used to run FaxStore, this is referenced in Nginx.
siteInformationdomain"http://localhost"The protocol and domain used for the store.
siteInformationownerId"USER_ID"The master administrators for the store.
siteInformationstartDebugfalseSets the console to log extra information on start up.
siteInformationdeveloperModefalseNot recommended, sets the store to directly throw errors and not automate them into a report file.
siteInformationblockCORSfalseBlocks the CORS policy that FaxStore uses on requests by default.
siteInformationdisableCfxCheckfalseDisables Cfx username checks on Tebex packages.
paymentsusePayPaltrueSets PayPal as a checkout option.
paymentsuseStripetrueSets Stripe as a checkout option.
paymentsuseSquarefalseSets Square as a checkout option.
paymentscurrency"usd"In lowercase, the currency code to be used.
paymentscheckoutTOSfalseWhen 'true' a ToS checkbox will display on the Stripe checkout page.
paymentsstripeAutomaticTaxfalseWhen 'true' Stripe checkouts will use automatic tax. This must be setup on the Stripe account.
paymentsstripePublishableKey""The 'Publishable Key' issued by Stripe.
paymentsstripeSecretKey""The 'Secret Key' issued by Stripe.
paymentspaypalClientId""The 'Client ID' issued by PayPal.
paymentspaypalClientSecret""The 'Client Secret' issued by PayPal.
paymentssquareAppId""The 'Application ID' provided by Square.
paymentssquareAppToken""The 'Application Token' provided by Square.
tokensdiscordBotToken""A Discord bot token which is used for Discord related requests.
tokensoAuth2ClientId""The 0Auth Client ID from a Discord application.
tokensoAuth2ClientToken""The 0Auth Client Token from a Discord application.
tokensgoogleClientId""Google 0Auth Client ID
tokensgoogleClientSecret""Google 0Auth Client Secret
tokensgithubClientId""GitHub 0Auth Client ID
tokensgithubClientSecret""GitHub 0Auth Client Secret
tokenstebexSecret""Tebex store secret used for Tebex related API calls.
tokensfaxesLicenseKey""The Weblutions license key issued by Weblutions.
SQLInformationhost"localhost"The host IP or domain for the database.
SQLInformationusername"root"The user of the MySQL account.
SQLInformationpassword""The password corresponding to the username.
SQLInformationdatabase"faxstore"The database for FaxStore.
emailsuseEmailstrueWhether to use emails in FaxStore. Emails are required for standard accounts.
emailsfromEmail"store@weblutions.com"The from address for emails that are sent.
emailssendGridToken""The SendGrid token, required if the from address is changed.
emailsemailHeader...The header used in emails.
emailsemailFooter...The footer used in emails.
discordConfiguseDiscordChannelLogsfalseWhether to use a Discord channel for Audit logs.
discordConfigbotStatus"idle"The bot status override used for the Discord bot.
discordConfigloggingChannelId""the log channel Id used if 'useDiscordChannelLogs' is enabled.
discordConfigautoJoinUserstrueToggles the function to automatically join users into your Discord when they create their account.
discordConfiguseDiscordCommandstrueEnables Discord slash command usage.
discordConfigactivityobjectOverrides the default Discord bot activity. Requires object items to operate.
discordConfig.activitystatus"online"The status the Discord bot will use. Must be one of: online, idle, invisible, or dnd
discordConfig.activitynamenullThe name for the status, if missing the domain is used.
discordConfig.activitytype0Must be a valid Discord Activity Type's number
redirects[].name"faxes"The name of the link, this will be accessed by '/faxes'
redirects[].link"http://faxes.zip"The link to redirect users to.

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