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Creating First Extension

Creating your first extension is an easy process. All you need to do is create an extension file in the extensions folder. These files can only be in .js or .sharf file types.

.sharf file extensions are private to Weblutions products and official extensions.

Here is a little example of an extension.

const config = require('../config.json'); // Original Config For Faxstore
const extConfig = require('./configs/EXTENSION_CONFIG.json'); // Extensions config, these should be created for extensions. Full path; extensions/configs/file.json

	module.exports params:
	- app: ExpressJS application.
	- connection: MySQL connection
	- bot: Discord bot
  - faxstore: FaxStore event system

module.exports = async function(app, connection, bot, faxstore) {
	console.log(`Extension started!`);
	app.get(`/myextension`, function(req, res) {
		res.send(`Here is a page running!`);

This registers a page under the /myextension link and simply shows the "Here is a page running!" text.

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