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Using Node Version Manager

Sometimes updating Node.Js on Ubuntu can be more on the painful side for users that are new to Linux. This causes confusion and issues when it comes to having to update software! Thankfully the process of updating Node.Js is easy with this version manager.

NVM (Node Version Manager)

NVM is a simple command line tool to update your Node installation to any version you wish to use!

To update simply run the bellow commands!

Update the package repository

sudo apt update

Install NVM if you haven't with curl

curl -o- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nvm-sh/nvm/v0.39.5/install.sh | bash

You may need to restart the terminal to register the new commands.

To verify you have installed NVM check the version with

nvm -v

Use the encouraged version of node for Weblutions products with. Note some products now require 20.5.1 instead.

nvm install 20.5.1

If you'd like to set this as your machines default node version, use the below command.

nvm alias default 20.5.1

Having Troubles?

If you're still having troubles you can run the command nvm to display the NVM help menu. Or join Weblutions' Discord for further help.

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