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Area of Patrol (AOP) Installation

FaxAOP is outdated at the moment and may not work, we're planning on re-making this in the future at some stage!

  • Install the base resource like any other resource. Otherwise known as the drag and drop method.
  • Open the config.lua file and change the settings to your liking. See the Variable Documentation to see what these are and do.
  • If you have usingPerms set to true (usingPerms = true) you will need to set up a method for permissions and a way to authenticate users when they perform actions to interact with Fax-AOP. You have an option to either use the hexadecimal method or Discord ID method.

Steam Hexadecimal Method: Simply copy and paste the below into your server.cfg and replace the HEX_ID_HERE with your steam hexadecimal. If you're unsure on how yo get your hexadecimal see How to get your Steam hexadecimal.

add_ace Fax.AOP faxes.aopcmds allow
add_principal identifier.steam:ID_HERE Fax.AOP

Discord ID Method: Make sure you have installed discordroles and have it working correctly. Once you have done this put a role ID into the discordRoleNames config value. Once this is done set usingDiscordPerms to true to enable. See the installation guide for this.

All done!

Variable Documentation

Below you will find what each configuration option is and what it does, it's default value and other information.

1. General Config & Commands

Variable NameDescriptionDefault Value
FaxCurAOPThe default AOP that is used when the script is (re)started."None Set"
usingPermsToggles ACE permission use. For no command permissions set to false.true
voteToggles AOP vote commands.true
AOPChangeNotificationToggles a native display when the AOP is changed. https://faxes.zone/img/01ded.pngtrue
AOPCommandString to edit the set aop command."aop"
PTCommandString to edit the peacetime toggle command."pt"
AOPVoteCommandString to change the start AOP vote command."aopvote"
featColorColours used in highlighting for the draw-text. Available colours: https://gist.github.com/leonardosnt/061e691a1c6c0597d633~p~
noPermsMessageNotification message given if the player does not have permissions."~r~Insufficient Permissions."

2. Peacetime Settings

Variable NameDescriptionDefault Value
peacetimeEnables the peacetime function.true
peacetimeNSEnables no shooting when peacetime is active.true
maxPTSpeedMax Speed people can go during peacetime before getting notified to slow down (in mph).100
PTOnMessageMessage displayed when peacetime is turned on.featColor .. "Peace Time ~w~is now ~g~ in effect!"
PTOffMessageMessage displayed when peacetime is turned off.featColor .. "Peace Time ~w~is now ~r~off."

3. DrawText Settings

Varible NameDescriptionDefault Value
AOPLocation0 = Default, 1 = bottom center, 2 = bottom right, 3 = top right, 4 = top center, 5 = top left, 6 = custom setting (x, y) NOTE! 2 & 3 are not set up and will display as the default!0
serverPLDServer-side PLD installed? Only set to true if using the default AOPLocation.false
localTime0 = off, 1 = client local time, 2 = game time1
AOPxThe x coordinate for custom AOPLocation (Only use if AOPLocation is set to 6).0.660
AOPyThe y coordinate for custom AOPLocation (Only use if AOPLocation is set to 6).1.430

4. Auto AOP Settings

Variable NameDescriptionDefault Value
autoChangeAOPWould you like the AOP to change based on the amount of players? If true, see settings below!false
ACAOPUnder5AOP Auto-set if there is under 5 players."Paleto Bay"
ACAOPUnder10AOP Auto-set if there is under 10 players."Sandy Shores"
ACAOPUnder20AOP Auto-set if there is under 20 players."Blaine County"
ACAOPUnder30AOP Auto-set if there is under 30 players."Los Santos"
ACAOPOver30AOP Auto-set if there is over 30 players."San Andreas"

5. AOP Spawn Locations

Variable NameDescriptionDefault Value
AOPSpawnsEnabledEnables AOP based spawn points. See example below.false
AOPSpawnsTable that stores area names and their spawn pointsSee below example

AOPSpawns Example:

AOPSpawns = {
		AOPName =  'sandy shores',
		AOPCoords = {x =  311.22, y =  3457.60, z =  36.15}
		AOPName =  'paleto bay',
		AOPCoords = {x =  -447.24, y =  5970.46, z =  31.78}
		AOPName =  'downtown',
		AOPCoords = {x =  219.98, y =  -913.38, z =  30.69}
		AOPName =  'rockford hills',
		AOPCoords = {x =  -851.57, y =  -128.04, z =  37.62}

6. Discord Permissions

Variable NameDescriptionDefault Value
usingDiscordPermsDo you wish to use a Discord role for permissions to change the AOP and Peacetime? Please note you must have discord_perms installedfalse
discordRoleIdsIf the above (usingDiscordPerms) is set to true, list the role IDs that you wish to use"39484474747447325"

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